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Whether you are just starting out investing in real estate, or you are a “veteran” investor, our experience will bring you great value in finding the right deals and minimizing risk

How We Help You Succeed

It's quite simple - we focus on your specific needs first

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How We Bring You Value

Knowing the Market

We know the areas in the Simcoe County area well, as well as their fair market prices and rents, and can help ensure you get the best deal for a good return on investment

You Get Deals Customized For YOU

Once we have enough information about you, we get to work hunting for properties that meet your specific criteria and comfort level


We know investing in real estate can be hard for many of us; it's a lot of money! However, we push you to analyze opportunities with us and take action so you don't regret missing out on long-term wealth in the future

Property Management

We are partnered with a property management company, and can offer you significant discounts on property management, to avoid those calls at 3am about a broken toilet

Reduce Risk

As we have had lots of experience with all sorts of properties, we can help minimize potential risk and will help you on things to look out for when buying


After the purchase of your new investment home, we always follow up with and stay in touch. Once you are ready, we will help you find ways to get the next property, and the next, as you grow you nest egg

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